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This one added by the admin who might be selling a Canon 5D Mk2 for lots of cash

By Mark Test 111212

Natasha 02077292342
Brick Studios Special offer for AOP mmbers 1

Brick Studios Special offer for AOP mmbers

15% off for AOP Members .900 sq-ft
Infinity Cove: w: 4.8m h: 3.4m l: 5m
Ground Floor (easy loading access)
Working Kitchen (Fully Equipped)
Fully Black-out (if required),Private Dressing Room, Partitioned Client Area (with workspace, comfy sofa, magazines, tea & coffee station), Auto-poles, Poly Boards, Lighting Stands, Nearby Parking

More info...

By Brick Studios

Jon 0777 444 5695
Boardroom Studio offers special rate 1

Boardroom Studio offers special rate

This studio might be offering a special rate for a limited period

By Studio Boardroom

Bay 07770928349
Props Stylist Liz Hippisley selling Prop collection 1Props Stylist Liz Hippisley selling Prop collection 2Props Stylist Liz Hippisley selling Prop collection 3

Props Stylist Liz Hippisley selling Prop collection

Liz is selling China, glass, chopping boards, utensils, cutlery, fabrics, and more

By Bay's Studio

Bill 07850 983 190

Big Gitzo Tripod

Biggest Gitzo tripod for sale, multi ext, up to 12 feet high, two columns, one geared and one double ext, with big pan tilt head all in one bag.
New it would cost about £1500.00. will accept £700.00. collect from EC1


By Bleeding Heart Studio

Mark 123123213


no price - perhaps for a job opening?
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By Mark Test 111212

Mark 123123213

Future scheduled ad

Multiple images can be uploaded by holding the cmd/ctrl/shft key in the file browser window....

By Mark Test 111212

Nunzio Prenna 020 74260736
69 Drops special offer 1

69 Drops special offer

Nunzio might want to offer his studio at a special price on a particular day or sell some kit or advertise for an assistant or announce his Christmas party

By 69 drops Studio 1

Crystal * 020 7739 0132
Eleventh Hour Deal 1

Eleventh Hour Deal

Get 25% off the day rate in this
high end location food studio .
The next eleventh hour days are
Tuesday 12th June
Wednesday 13th June

By First Option Location Studio

katrina howley 07917197321
LOST INK STUDIO special offer 1

LOST INK STUDIO special offer

Photographers paradise in Farringdon
25% off for bookings in June

By Lost Ink Studio

Mark 123123213
Mark Test Images 1Mark Test Images 2Mark Test Images 3

Mark Test Images


By Mark Test 111212

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