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Testimonials by our listed hire studios about their experience using photo-studiohire as a means of promoting their studios and photographers who have discovered "a studio to rent near me".

"I had so many enquiries from your site I had to open another studio next door"

Francois studio owner Simulacra

Leica Studios have renewed their slot for the third year running having "had some great jobs from people using your website, thank you so much!"

Clare Lingfield manager, Leica Studios

" I like to stay on the front page because I get at least 3 bookings a month from you"

Nunzio Prenna studio owner 69 drops studio

“I did check out the website and think it is a really useful resource. I have already found out about an alternative studio to rent in my local area that I never knew about before! This is definitely a site I want to keep bookmarked and make use of. So thank you for taking the time to do this. The work you have done here will be appreciated.”

Martin Evening photographer and author of The Adobe Photoshop books

"definitely want to renew and delighted to stay on front cover. Has made a big difference"

Tiff Hunter photographer and studio owner Bermondsey studio

"THANK YOU for all your help with the listing and the subsequent enquiries, it is really starting to make a difference to us. Those that have come through recently and shot at Yo Yo Studios, although we won’t be retiring on the proceeds, have been really good guys, so you’re obviously getting some lovely people to view your site!"

I chose photo-studiohire as my exclusive advertiser

Dot Andrews, studio owner Yoyo studios

"Bay you are such a legend, we are going to make all of these changes, thank you. We are doing really great on sales so far so we could have the funds to start making improvements after even a week or two."

David Sheldrick, Putney Studios owner who went on to open two more studios.

‘A great variety of studios to hire. Very useful website. Also, have hired many houses through photo-locations, always have excellent service and rates."

Peter Dazeley, studio owner

‘I've certainly had three weeks of bookings in the last six months, well worth being listed can you put me down for another six months please!"

Gideon Hart, studio owner

“Hi Bay I just thought I’d send you a quick note to let you know that I’m very happy with the response from your website. Most of my hire business, which is not inconsiderable, is derived from people who found my studio on By the way I very much like the fact that I can talk to you or Maria easily. Human contact despite what you get or don’t get from your bank is what makes the world go round.” All best Tim

Tim White, studio owner and photographer

“Great Idea, much needed.”

Ray Massey, studio owner and photographer

‘This is an amazing idea, it’s about time someone has done this! You  should send it to the AOP to email out to their photographers, very  handy thing to have, TOP job!"

Michael Whelan, Photographer

“I do remember you from the mists of time! Thank you for this site it is  very useful!”

Jo Sax, Photographer

“Thanks for this. Great idea and this will be my first stop in the future!                             

All the best, Marcus Clackson

“I owe you a drink anyway as I have had three bookings from your free trial listing, and two that I lost to the studio in Kingsland road.” 

Bill Burnett, studio owner

“I can’t recommend enough. I was working to a tight deadline having been let down at the last minute and their team were quick to find me the perfect studio without fuss or delay. Having spent many hours trawling the internet has the most efficient team and the best website – I will never use any other studio search directory.”

Jo Fegen, Marketing Manger, David Philips

“Like the new website, will definitely bear it in mind if I ever need a hire studio. Good luck with it all.” 

Tal Silverman, Photographer

“Great idea!!! We have found a new studio nearby that I did not know about… I will pass this info on to my agent as I know this will be very useful to her as well.

Steve Hoskins, Photographer

Cool! Thanks for this, looks good hope it brings some reward!”

Lorentz Gullachsen

“Very useful - thank you.”

Elisabeth Hoff, Photographer

“Excellent idea. I have just sold my place ... otherwise I would have listed it.”

Chris Knaggs, Photographer

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